Moving from on premise to cloud based services can be a daunting experience. Taking the process in baby steps can reduce the stress on everyone. Maintaining operational stability while moving parts of the operation into SaaS reducing the need for large capital outlay takes time. Redesigning your operation but implementing changes in phases allows the users to get used to one change at a time.

Some vendors know the uncertainty of going cloud based and have product offerings to get the job done. The issue is that their offer is the best fit for their product not for your operation.

Before you make a move based on a vendor recommendations take a look at all the options to determine what is best for your company and your operation.

MunchEm has a solution integrating delivery, social media, on line ordering and wants Point of Sale partners to integrate their solution. US IT Systems has been tasked with the integration  of multiple point of sale systems to the MunchEm API. Want your Point Of Sale System integration with the only complete solution for delivery, social media, marketing and customer facing APP all in a single solution.

Telecommunications is a complex issue in today’s environment. Bundling your phone service with  your internet service provider may or may not provide the best solution for your needs. Deciding if you should use on premise with VoiP phones  or a hosted VoiP solution.

Before you choose the first solution presented you need an in depth evaluation of your requirements to make sure you select a solution that will fill your needs. Planning long term for your operation and growth  is critical to investing in your future.

We examined 77 options for a multi location services company and resulted in one clear solution that provided a 80% reduction in capital outlay and 30% reduction in monthly telecom cost.

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Point Of Sale—Integration with MunchEM

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