About Us

US IT Systems is based on an integration aggregation model. Our leadership has extensive experience integration different equipment supporting manufacturing integration systems.

Having worked as a test engineering integration and consulting firm for over 20 years. The leadership sold their operations and moved to Florida. Having found a vacuum of companies willing to take responsibility for the complete operation within the IT integration market they started consulting in the arena of managed services.

Using the knowledge of system integration and managing the interactions of those systems provides a unique set of tools for building and maintaining the complexities of it services today.

The company only works in the break fix environment to educate people in the advantages and cost savings of managed services. Managing the cost and risk associated with managed services provides a platform for their customers to grow and flourish without the need to hire and maintain the expense of internal staff.

Are we experts in all areas? No.

We manage and integrate the experts

We know Your business challenges and manage the vendors

We work for you and have your best interest


US IT Systems, Inc.

If it connects to your network we will manage IT