Hardware selection is based on:

 Customer Requirements



 Industry Interoperability

 Must Support Software

Product Requirements

Selection of Hardware is application dependent. There are only so many hardware manufacturers in the world. Often the same exact product is private labeled for multiple vendors. The primary differentiator can be the product warranty, access through distribution, technical support or some other intangible.

Those items become crucial when there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Buying on price alone is never an option. Price is a factor but our goal is to select hardware that will be with you for years to come, that support has a price. The price has to be weighted against the potential gain or loss of selecting a different product.

Another heavy point in the selection process is the difference between residential grade and industrial grade. The risk of having a residential unit fail in a commercial environment does not offset the short term price savings.

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If it connects to your network we will manage IT

Any hardware selected MUST meet or exceed the customers requirements.

All hardware in use Must meet or exceed system security requirements.

All hardware selected Must have a proven company track record for reliability, maintainability and repair ability.

All hardware selected Must meet or exceed industry standards so that all hardware in use today and in the future will work together providing seamless integration to fulfill your needs and objectives.

It goes without saying that the hardware selected must support the software in use.

Point of Sale Hardware must be able to handle the intense use of the hospitality market. Selection of hardware is always dependent on support from the selection of POS software. In addition PCI compliance and merchant services requirements can also impact the hardware of choice.