US IT Systems, Inc.

Our job is to make your I.T. harder to PENETRATE than your neighbor.

Let’s face the truth, nothing in the I.T World is safe or perfect. It is not IF you are going to get breached it is WHEN are you going to get breached. Sorry we are good at what we do but if you become a target nothing is going to stop the bad guys from getting in. Sooner or later they will burn through and get in.

You see, if it is easier to get into and exploit your neighbor then the bad guys will leave you alone and go steal your neighbors information. Sounds really sad but the reality is there is no way to stop bad people from stealing from good people. With that reality then we want to make it harder to steal from you than to steal from someone protected by our competition.

How do we do that? Well there are layers of protection and different levels of cost associated with each of those levels. The Cost has to be balanced with the Risk. You can spend yourself to death on Cyber Security to protect things that nobody is interested in stealing. Every Cyber Issue has to be evaluated from a standpoint of Cost and Risk.